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What We Believe to be Dark Matter is Not Considered to be Matter

We don’t know anything about dark matter or if it even exists, we just apply the logic of existing objects of mass that cannot be observed to explain the changes in the law of gravity on a supermassive scale.

The Definition of Matter

Matter is defined as a physical substance “That occupies space
Therefore, dark matter is not considered matter.
If electromagnetic radiation, meaning light, passes through what we believe to be dark matter, then theoretically, so can we, which means that what we consider to be dark matter does not take up physical space and therefore cannot be classified as matter.
If this is the case, then that would also mean that the dark matter object is of a less dense medium than the light that exists in space.... if I understand that part correctly.
 The Density of Outer Space
Then this means that dark matter, if it exists as a completely invisible object that possesses the attribute of total internal reflection as it does not interact with any radiomagnetic radiation, meaning light, then it would be less dense than 1 atom per cubic centimeter.
And if the density of dark matter is less than 1 atom per cubic centimeter, then how can it possibly possess the mass to account for the changes in the law of gravity on the supermassive scale as it is intended to?
Therefore, what we consider to be dark matter is most likely not a completely invisible solid object and we should attempt to infer the other possible causes for the changes in the law of gravity on a supermassive scale.

I believe the secret to the formula for defying gravity, as is observed by the unidentified flying objects whose footage was confirmed by the pentagon in the year 2020, rests in what we currently consider to be dark matter. Acquiring the ability to defy gravity like the UFO's we have seen will yield the capability of travel without fuel!
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