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A Suggestion for a New Model for All Psychiatric Diagnoses

With the knowledge that the idea for the current model for all psychiatric diagnoses that is being currently used by doctors with the DSM from 1952 was borrowed from astrology, as can be discovered by academic sources in the article on this website, and was never updated since the 1950's...
I propose a new model for all psychiatric diagnoses:
  • Consider all the aspects of the patient's culture, religion, and family background and apply your wide knowledge of the world's many cultures, backgrounds, and sociology thereof, since you're an expert on the study of people.
  • Inspect for the root causes of the trauma or mental suffering as was done by the first psychiatrists in the 1800's, before the adoption in the 1940's of the idea to diagnose people by fitting them into categories of behavior, using the same idea for astrology in the DSM for doctors that we currently use to identify mental illnesses that we believe to exist as separate entities inside the organ of the brain, and none of which can be observed to exist by any of the scientific instruments that we currently have.
    • For example, in the first textbook on psychiatry that was published in 1812 titled "Medical Inquiries and Observations Upon the Diseases of the Mind" by Benjamin Rush:
Psychiatrists such as Benjamin Rush, who was the author of the first textbook on psychiatry, documented their understanding of the psychiatric practice by listing the root causes of people's mania, which shows a greater conscience, more effort, and better intentions for the goals that are to be achieved by the practice of psychiatry which we consider as health and medicine. This also shows greater care and better treatment of psychiatric patients than what we see in psychiatric practices today by placing an importance on the root cause of the mental suffering which is to be documented in the medical records of the patient, and for the root cause of the mental suffering to be recognized as a difficulty presented by the person's unique reality of life which may or may not be subject to change. The removal of the root cause to the mental suffering from the patient's attention or routine life would more likely result in the healing of the mental suffering instead of the secondary option of prescribing medications to treat the ongoing symptoms of mental suffering for whose root causes cannot be removed from the attention of the patient or from their routine life.

The Analysis of the Root Cause that Induced a Person's Mental Suffering

In the analysis of the root cause that induced a person's mental suffering, an understanding of the person's background including their culture, religion, subculture, family background, and all other factors that can affect the person's mental suffering must be reached to gain a perspective into where that person is coming from. We are all capable of unique understandings of the world as well as unique interpretations of the same things.
And as you can see in the screenshot below, the first psychiatrists spent the necessary amount of time to sufficiently perform a diagnosis of a patient's mental illness using full-length interview processes to acquire the history and background knowledge of the patient's life, family, and culture to determine how these factors could influence the mental suffering of the patient, as well as to give consideration to all of the factors that exist in the patient's life environments that can affect the emotional feelings that if they continuously arise on a habitual basis, can grow to affect our entire mood for the duration of time that the distressful thoughts continue to arise and persist.

In this excerpt from the first textbook on psychiatry, Benjamin Rush records that "Madness can be induced by the cruel and unjust conduct of others such as school masters and guardians to the persons who are the subject of their power" and he then asserts the declaration that these occurrences are to be met with in the records of medicine. These occurences are not being met with the records of medicine today and we can see that with the lack of training and attention paid to knowledge of Munchausen by proxy, the fabrication of symptoms used in cases of child abuse, and the devouring mother and education on this subject is being limited as well as suppressed in mainstream education and higher educational institutes. This is most likely because current doctors want to protect their licenses and would rather not think about all the parents that abuse their children by fabricating symptoms and taking them to the doctor, thereby torturing their children to death and getting away with it, undetected.
Psychiatrists who seek to provide true medical health care to the patient should take their time to process the knowledge that:  
Distressful thoughts or feelings can be triggered by reminders to past trauma or by any ongoing environmental factors that persist in the patient's life that cause them distress. These distressful thoughts and feelings can be remedied by shifting our attention towards other things that may bring us joyfulness such as feeling rewarded for achieving a goal, or by the removal of the root causes to the patient's mental suffering. There are other possible methods of achieving mental healing that require more consistent mental efforts and practice such as the practice of making beneficial changes to your personal behavior by first making a conscious decision to begin to pay attention and observe our own thoughts, intentions, speech, and actions, in that specific order. With the awareness gained through our observations of ourselves, we become more mindful and can consciously adjust our thoughts, intentions, speech, and actions to our liking.
  • Dismiss the identification of mental illnesses as separate entities that exist inside the brain as their existence cannot be observed by any scientific instruments that we currently have and neurological evidence shows that mental illnesses cannot be identified by the use of MRI brain scans. I propose adopting the view that mental illnesses do not exist as separate, singular, static entities caused by a biological chemical imbalance and that what is currently defined as mental illnesses does exist as unique cases of mental suffering that could be caused by a complex variety of factors. This philosophy agrees more with the evidence in neurology: MRI brain scans show that what we believe to exist as an entity of a mental illness is actually produced by a wide range of many interacting neurological factors. 
    • We must consider that if a mental illness is indeed a biological illness inside the brain, then the placebo effect alone proves that we have the innate ability to heal our brain organ biologically.
  • Since the most that can be directly observed by the prescribing psychiatrist are visible symptoms which are present during the period of time that is spent in a one on one meeting with the patient, and with the amount of time that the psychiatrist gives to their patients in their practices, it is considerably reasonable to conclude that the psychiatrist can only determine a minuscule amount of information about the patient which would be insufficient for the consideration of the use of the term psychiatric diagnosis. Therefore, we must develop a unique diagnosis for the mental suffering of each individual patient by acknowledging the root causes to their distress, by acknowledging that the ability to achieve positive changes in life can, in many cases, contribute more to the healing of mental distress than the medications that are intended for treatment of ongoing symptoms that arise due to a condition of mental distress, and therefore all psychiatric diagnoses should be performed on a specific symptom-based evaluation and psychiatric pharmaceuticals should only be prescribed if needed and based on known treatments of the specific symptoms that are observed to affect the patient.
  • Provide the patient with all the information on the recorded effects, side-effects, short-term risks, and acknowledging the fact that the doctors behind these pharmaceutical psychiatric drugs have no way of measuring the long-term effects of the medications years or decades down the road.
Honesty, integrity, and morality, are all greatly appreciated qualities for professionals in the fields of health and medicine. 
© 2021 Hazon, Nir

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