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A List of Manipulation Techniques That Are Used in Mainstream Education

 The following list of manipulation techniques that are being used in mainstream education is currently a sketch...

Manipulation techniques that are being used by conscious or unaware authority on knowledge whom we entrust to provide us with what we are to accept as knowledge from our mainstream education and higher educational institutes: 
  • Obscuration of information.
    • How can information be obscured? Information can be obscured by not mentioning certain details or by distracting from a piece or pieces of knowledge that would invalidate the argument that the author is trying to make. For example, in the theory of evolution they use the argument of "There are no elephants that are native to the Hawaiian islands because naturally we would think that elephants can't get there." and by using this argument, it causes the reader to not consider all the other species that we would also naturally think could not migrate to the Hawaiian islands by land, sea, or air, and therefore obscures the question of intercontinental migrations and migrations to distant islands in the sea as well.
  • Suppression of knowledge including knowledge of contradicting evidence as well as what does not agree with the biased idea for which they have an intention to project and make others believe based on business goals, political goals, and as a tool to control a population through mainstream education. 
    • Where can we see suppression of knowledge? We can see suppression of knowledge wherever there is an authority that does not allow for free thinking or publishing ideas that might throw off the authority's motives or are not in the authority's interests or in the case where free thinking or publishing ideas is allowed, the authority suppresses it with ridicule and ignorance such as seen in political drama.
  • Attraction by appearance.
    • Where can we see the manipulation technique of attraction by appearance and what are some examples of it's use? If we are unaware of this manipulation technique which we should recognize as obvious idiocy, then we might be manipulated into believing in some information if the person presenting it to us dresses like a wealthy person, is a beautiful woman, or appears to the liking of an audience as per popular trends at the time. One can also be misled by the appearance of an advertisement. For example, media such as good music can be used when presenting the information to lure the audience into accepting some knowledge.
  • Manipulation by appeals to emotions.
  • The authority on knowledge granted to those with degrees, titles, or credentials.
  • Predetermined rejections of opposing arguments which are dismissed as "stupid because of the establishment of a subject or industry alone which is enough for others to believe in it's validity" to indoctrinate you to accept knowledge without giving it serious consideration when it's always wise to "entertain a thought without accepting it" at first. 
  • Dismissal of the truth. Forgetting or rejecting recorded historical documentations or historical pieces of evidence from mainstream education in order to protect an image of the world that they would like to believe is true because the truth is not what you want, you want to erase history, or to protect your current way of life as well as other reasons for which you might view historical knowledge as a threat: For example, the first EMP from the sun to strike the earth after the development of electrical equipment was recorded in 1859 and was known as the Carrington event which happened when we only had telegraph machines and it was recorded in historical documentation that "Sparks were flying out of the wires, electrocuting operators, and setting papers on fire."
  • Failure to acknowledge speculation for what it is as well as considering knowledge of a hypothesis as a theory when it never fell under the definition of a scientific theory because it cannot be tested, for examples "The Big Bang Theory", "The Theory of Evolution", and the hypothetical knowledge of the megacontinents that formed on earth in the past known as Pangea, Gondwana, and Rodinia.
  • Part of Obscuration of InformationHiding the opposing argument by using the fact that proves your argument wrong in a manipulation tactic to claim the truth of your argument and trick others into believing that there is no opposing argument: For example, my textbook on evolutionary biology  from college uses the Hawaiian islands to prove evolution by stating that "elephants could have not got to Hawaii, and that's why we don't have elephants in Hawaii" while failing to mention that evolution cannot be true for the exact same reason if we consider the humans, dogs, pigs, chickens, rats, and all the Native Hawaiian species that are endemic and unique to the Hawaiian islands which would have all needed to take a migration path of land, sea, or air to migrate to their respective locations on the map of the geography of the world. 
  • Failure to point out esotericism and reject it, which is defined as secret knowledge that's reserved for a small group of people, as well as failure to recognize mysticism and reject it, which are beliefs characterized by self-delusion: For example, "Only a psychiatrist knows what mental illness you have without the ability to observe it's existence with any of the scientific instruments that we currently have."
  • The discouragement of asking the questions "How? Why? Then how? Then why? and, how do you know that?" to our authority of knowledge and requesting verification of proof of knowledge that we are to accept by requesting to see the evidence for ourselves with our own eyes.
  • The estimation of number values without mentioning the basis for how the estimation was determined as well as acknowledging that the number value is only an estimation.
  • All the knowledge that is falsely being defined as "science" that was never considered scientific knowledge such as all the studies whose conclusions are drawn from experiments whose results we cannot replicate with an exact measurement and anywhere in the world under the same exact conditions such as the experiments used in pseudo-scientific studies, the acceptance of a mere hypothesis as a theory, and the drawing of conclusions from statistical data which is vulnerable to fraud, miscounts, the variability of the many factors involved that go into how the study was conducted, data manipulation techniques such as stopping the intake of data once a certain percentage has been reached, and the use of a fraction of measurement for the representation of the larger whole. The problem with statistical data is we can come up with a study to measure the percentage of wins on lottery machines, but we will never be able to measure all the other machines. Certain knowledge of statistical data can prove to be useful such as a study conducted with a method for an accurate measurement of occurrences of natural phenomena on earth as well as acquiring a percentage of chance to determine risks involved by applying statistical measurements. But statistical knowledge should never be accepted as scientific knowledge as it not defined as what we consider to be scientific knowledge.
  • Scientific knowledge is to be accepted in progression: Once new scientific knowledge is found, we are to leave the past knowledge behind.... and in several cases which I have already detected for myself, this can lead to stupidity and ignorance of past knowledge, past pieces of evidence, past methods of acquiring new knowledge, past philosophies, and other knowledge from the past that can ring bells for today's modern accepted scientific belief and acceptable mainstream scientific thought.

The definition of indoctrination is the acceptance of knowledge without giving it serious consideration. The existence and establishment of a subject, industry, or presence of information in a college textbook alone is enough for people to accept it's truth without giving the material serious consideration.
© 2021 Hazon, Nir

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