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Re-evaluating Current Knowledge in Science Using the Scientific Method


My name on StarCraft is Bacon.

England's Sir Francis Bacon (1561–1626) came up with the scientific method.

Scientists need to re-evaluate their current pool of knowledge in the field of science as there is much knowledge that has been accepted into science that was not obtained using the scientific method. This knowledge includes knowledge that has contradicting evidence that is being overlooked such as hidden knowledge on the theory of evolution, as well as inconsistencies that exist in nature such as polystrate fossils which dispute the validity of the radiometric dating of rocks as the results cannot be scientifically understood in a repeatedly verifiable manner.
In science you’re supposed to try and prove your hypothesis wrong, not cover up contradicting evidence in what you call a theory that’s still only a hypothesis.
A one-time or even a multiple-time observation that ceases to be observable is distinguishable from consistent observation which proves the existence of a natural occurrence in the physical world.
There are many examples in science of knowledge that is not consistently observed across the board in the physical world and is based on a hypothesis. In modern science, we have examples of what we currently consider to be scientific theories that are actually mere hypotheses as they cannot be tested by experimentation as according to the 3rd step of the scientific method that comes after the development of a hypothesis. These examples include the Theory of Evolution as well as the Big Bang Theory which both are actually considered to be hypotheses according to the scientific method.
If we are to be true scientists, then we are to distinguish what we consider to be scientific knowledge from questionable knowledge which is up for consideration. Questionable knowledge that must be distinguished from what is currently being considered to be scientific knowledge includes story-based knowledge such as historical knowledge of the timeline of planet earth, speculation-based knowledge such as the estimations of number values, and pseudo-scientific knowledge such as knowledge of statistical data.
Acquiring the ability to make the distinction between scientific knowledge and questionable knowledge which is up for consideration will heighten our self-awareness and improve our understanding of the truth of our reality. If we are to counter indoctrination, which is the acceptance of knowledge without giving it serious consideration, then we are to put the classifications of knowledge into practice by applying the methods for measuring the existence of knowledge as they are defined in my Model for The Measurement of Existence in the Theory of Acceptance of Knowledge.

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The Key Method for the Acceptance of Knowledge

"If any piece of knowledge is disputable, then it is because it's existence was not observed or it is not the only possibility.
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