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Polystrate Fossils Dispute the Radiometric Dating of Rocks

Scientists believe this fossil is of a tree. This fossil lays across multiple layers of strata which it is believed to take millions of years of accumulation of sediments underwater. If the decay rate of trees are a constant of > 0.05/yr and it can take 200-300 years for the longest decomposition of trees known, then what in the world are polystrate fossils? Look it up!
Polystrate fossils are "a fossil which is encased within more than one (poly) layer of rock (strata) thus "polystrate or "many layers."
How can something that decays in 200-300 years be encased in multiple layers of strata which take up MILLIONS OF YEARS of accumulation of sediments underwater according to scientists?
Certainly, if fossils are real and not fabricated, then polystrate fossils dispute the method of dating rocks by measuring the half-life of the radiometric isotope that exists in the rocks known as radiometric dating of rocks. If the radiometric dating of rocks is replicable and accurate in the dating of rocks across the board in nature, then polystrate fossils, which geology claims are commonly found, dispute the ages of fossils using radiometric dating as well as give us a reason to question the authenticity of the dates of the rocks measured using the radiometric dating method.

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