The knowledge that they hide from the public eye.

Models by Nir Hazon

Models in Philosophy

"The identifications of the types of knowledge that we are being asked to accept."

The Classifications of Knowledge in the Theory of Acceptance of Knowledge

"If we measure truth based on it's existence, then we will know the truth."

The Measurement of Existence in the Theory of Acceptance of Knowledge

Models in Psychology

"Based on common sense and 12 years of eastern psychological practice."

A Model for Understanding the Psyche

"The idea for the DSM from 1952 is borrowed from astrology."

A New Model for All Psychiatric Diagnoses

"How all the factors of a person's reality can affect their mental suffering."

A Model for a Well-Informed Analysis of a Client in Clinical Therapy

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Nir Hazon

Best Science Quote of All-Time

"That can be observed." -Nir Hazon

Learn how to think

What they didn't mention in your college textbooks.
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Counter Indoctrination!

Indoctrination - The acceptance of knowledge without giving it serious consideration.

The Key Method for Acceptance of Knowledge

"We must give serious consideration to what we are to accept as knowledge.
-Nir Hazon the Most Serious Philosopher.

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