The knowledge that they hide from the public eye.

A Model for the Classifications of Knowledge

The Classifications of Knowledge


The Theory of Acceptance of Knowledge 

by Nir Hazon 

This method for the acceptance of knowledge that I have developed is universal in the scope of knowledge and is intended to counter indoctrination which is the acceptance of knowledge without giving it serious consideration.

Indisputable Knowledge: 


  • Observation-based Knowledge: Knowledge that was observed or can be observed.
    • Scientific Knowledge: Knowledge that was drawn from experiments whose results can be replicated as according to the scientific method. The same exact results for the same experiment are observed, and therefore we can verify a natural occurrence that exists.
  • Deduction-based Knowledge: Knowledge that was drawn by the deduction of all other possibilities.
*Be careful of conclusions drawn based on easily-accepted knowledge.
Questionable Knowledge: 
(Up for consideration)
  • Story-based Knowledge: Knowledge in the form of story-telling that we believe based on the authenticity of the evidence that supports it and the implications that the evidence has on how it supports the knowledge or based on the sources that provide us the information that we are to believe.
  • Speculation-based Knowledge: Knowledge that is based on speculation such as the estimations of number values.
  • Pseudo-scientific Knowledge: Knowledge that was drawn using methods other than the scientific method.
    • Statistical Knowledge: Knowledge based on statistical data which is vulnerable to fraud, miscounts, the variability of all the factors that go into how the study was conducted, as well as data manipulation techniques such as stopping the intake of data once a certain percentage has been reached.  
The Consideration of Opinions
An opinion is not what we consider as having knowledge of something, but it is rather a mere thought or personal interpretation that we construct based on our understanding of the knowledge at hand and it exists in our perception alone. Opinions are not to be accepted as indisputable knowledge and we should formulate our own opinions.

The Consideration of Observation-based Knowledge
A one-time or even multiple-time observation that ceases to be observable is distinguishable from consistent observation which proves the existence of a natural occurrence in the physical world.
*There are cases when what was observable knowledge for yourself cannot be replicated and is therefore story-based knowledge for the recipients.
You should introduce Nir Hazon's Model for the Classifications of Knowledge in mandatory curriculum for schools.🏫
This model is to be applied to all teachings universally.
Knowledge of knowledge.
© 2021 Hazon, Nir 

"If we measure truth by it's existence, then we will know the truth."
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The modern man is uneducated about the vulnerabilities to what they receive of what they are to accept as knowledge without giving it serious consideration. The modern man therefore fails to identify the manipulation techniques that could be used in the reception of knowledge and fails to identify the classifications of knowledge itself and to lastly identify which classifications of knowledge are indisputable and which are questionable and therefore up for consideration.

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Indoctrination - The acceptance of knowledge without giving it serious consideration.

The Key Method for the Acceptance of Knowledge

"If any piece of knowledge is disputable, then it is because it's existence was not observed or it is not the only possibility.
-Nir Hazon the Most Serious Philosopher.

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