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The Measurement of Personality Types is Based on Fiction


Here is an example of university education that is hailed as science.

"Our personalities are studied by scientists."
Aside from the fact that people can act differently around different people and in different environments, which means that these self-proclaimed scientists have no method of basing their experiments on visible observations as that would require studying entire life spans of human behavior without a full-time camera and and an infinite amount of time needed to spend studying a person's behavior combined with the possible interchangeability of the factors from moment to moment. Clinical psychologists base their knowledge on story telling from the patient. The goofiest belief of these self-proclaimed scientists is their belief in a pre-fixed narrative of human development which is based on personal reflection and the fictional belief that this applies to others which all of whom are subject to their own unique paths of development and are capable of their own unique understandings of the world and unique interpretations of the same things.
Now let's digest the following theories of personality development in western psychology:
  • Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory: There are 3 parts to personalities and they are separated to your basic human instincts, your ego, and the section responsible for morality. There is no way to measure the separation of these 3 different parts of the brain that cannot be found in the anatomy of the brain according to neurology

  • The humanistic theory of personality development accounts for the free will of human beings, but does not account for all other people who are driven by a desire other than self-excellence.
  • The trait theory for personality development states that personalities are based on many individual traits, which cannot be measured scientifically, whose existence is trivial, and whose observations are recorded in a specific moment's time as the experiments of western psychology are conducted.
  • The social cognitive theory of personality development states that we learn our behavior from others around us and that we retain these learned behaviors especially if we are rewarded. This theory accounts for the ability of humans to acquire the behaviors of the society around them; however, it does not account for exceptions such as rebels to our society whose number we cannot determine or to infrequencies in similarities to the behavior of individuals which we believe to exist as a personality type.
Both the objective and projective tests for the assessment of personality types are inadequate for the measurement of a personality type that we cannot verify if it even exists.
Congratulations, PhDs.
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