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What Does the Confirmation of UFOs Tell Us About Science?

The Pentagon just confirmed the authenticity of previously-leaked footage of unidentified flying objects by releasing the footage themselves. U.S. Senator Marco Rubio said the UFOs exhibit technology not present in the American arsenal. The footage also shows that the movement of the UFOs defy the law of physics. 

There are only two conclusions to the confirmation of these UFOs: Aliens exist and they are here, or our government secretly possesses this technology themselves. Just because these UFOs appear to have been made "outside of this world" doesn't necessarily mean that they were. We have evidence that the correct theory to our origins is intelligent design. We know that if we study the knowledge they don't teach us in the evolutionary biology classes in the higher education system, which I present in an entire article on this website. 

Based on this evidence, we can infer that the agency of a miracle came into play at some point in history, so we know that there is something greater than us out there that created life. There is also the possibility that these UFOs could be our intelligent designer. These UFOs may have come from Earth, as I put the existence of other planets into question in my article titled "The First Observation of Mars was Made Using a Stone Tablet". 

We can also conclude based on this footage of the UFOs that the laws of physics as we know them can be defied, which is a breakthrough of it's own for the currently accepted scientific beliefs and reasoning.

The existence of UFOs has been confirmed.

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Using Questions to Prove a Point in an Argument

We can get others to reach the same conclusion as us by asking them the logical questions that lead to the conclusion for them to realize the conclusion for themselves instead of simply stating the conclusion in a sentence. This is a helpful method for avoiding conflicts of possible misunderstandings in an argument. Asking questions is a great method of explanation and was described by the Greek philosopher Socrates as useful for exploring complex ideas, getting the truth of things, to uncover assumptions, to analyze concepts, and more. This is a useful technique to implement in education for a teacher as it causes the students to do the thinking for themselves.
As a simple example of utilizing this argumentative strategy to prove a point, suppose you want to educate the other person or people about the claim in the theory of evolution of the migration of monkeys from Africa to the Americas and you want to argue that the correct theory that should be accepted by science is the theory of intelligent design. You can ask the following questions to prove the point you are arguing: Do monkeys float across the ocean? If the common ancestor of the monkeys didn't float across the ocean, then how is it possible that we have the same type of species in the Americas as in Africa and Asia? Is there any logical explanation to this? Or is the only other possibility the agency of a miracle? Would this mean that the correct theory that should be accepted by science is the theory of intelligent design?

(Greek philosopher Socrates)
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The Placebo Effect is Evidence of the Innate Healing Abilities of the Mind

The placebo effect is evidence of the innate healing abilities of the mind. In the experiments of medical psychiatry and western psychology, they give a placebo, or a fake drug with no effect, to the participants. In every experiment, a percentage of the participants that take the placebo experience healing of the mental disorder. The placebo effect actually proves that healing can take place if a person just believes that they are taking a substance that will treat their mental disorder. This proves that if a mental disorder is indeed a biological illness, then we have the innate ability to heal our brains biologically. I believe that medical doctors should do more research on the placebo effect and the natural healing powers of the human brain. The business model for medical psychiatry tries to sell medications for profit, which is why I believe there is little to no funding for more research on the placebo effect.

The placebo effect - the same thing that the medicinal drug does can be done by a candy.

The natural ability to heal ourselves

  • Distressful thoughts and feelings can be remedied by shifting our attention towards other things that may bring us joyfulness such as feeling rewarded for achieving a goal, or by the removal of the root causes to our mental suffering.
  • There are other possible methods of achieving mental healing that require more consistent mental efforts and practice such as the practice of making beneficial changes to our personal behavior by first making a conscious decision to start paying attention and begin to observe our own thoughts, intentions, speech, and actions, in that specific order. With the awareness gained through our observations of ourselves, we become more mindful and can consciously adjust our thoughts, intentions, speech, and actions to our liking.

Doctors should do more research on the placebo effect.

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Is There Merit to Our Teachings of History in the West?

We have all heard the saying "history is written by the winners" and it is always good to keep that knowledge in our perception of our historical teachings; however, there are times when we are being manipulated into believing an inaccurate historical fact. For example, if we read our public education history textbooks or do a google search on the death of Hitler, we will find that it is documented as suicide. 

Aside from Hitler not seeming like the kind of person that would have committed suicide, there is evidence of his fellow S.S. officers escaping to Argentina where some were captured by Israeli intelligence and taken back to Israel for a trial. Also, in the year 2014, the FBI released on their government website a document from September 21st, 1945, two weeks after the fall of Berlin, saying Hitler was spotted arriving by the Andes Mountains in Argentina by submarine accompanied by 6 top Argentinian officials for his protection. This document has neither generated media coverage or updated our knowledge of history online or in the textbooks. It has also been recently found through DNA testing that Hitler's skull belonged to a woman under the age of 40. All this leads to the question, "how much trust can we put into our public education of history?"

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