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Proving that Science is Wrong is Easy: How Do Snakes Move Again?

I have written many articles that prove that science is wrong on this website, and I did it the hard way: by analyzing current scientific beliefs, unraveling the logic behind them, and comparing them to evidence in the world. But proving that science is wrong is as easy as asking the question: "How do snakes move again?"

Science fails at providing a valid explanation to the movement of snakes. They claim that:

Snakes typically swim, climb or crawl by bending their spine into serpentine coils or using the leading edges to push off objects. An extreme example of their diversity of movement gives the sidewinder rattlesnake its name.


"Snakes are known for their iconic S-shaped movements. But they have a less noticeable skill that gives them a unique superpower.

Snakes can crawl in a straight line."

The scientific explanation that they provide is as follows:

The belly scales act like treads on a tire, providing traction with the ground as the muscles pull the snake's internal skeleture forward in an undulating pattern that becomes fluid and seamless when they move quickly.

The snake's muscles are sequentially activated from the head toward the tail in a remarkably fluid and seamless way. Two of the key muscles responsible for this extend from the ribs (costo) to the skin (cutaneous) giving them their name costocutaneous.

"The vertebral column moves forward at a constant rate," Newman said. "One set of muscles pulls the skin forward and then it gets anchored in place. And opposite antagonistic muscles pull on the vertebral column."


This explanation doesn't make sense.

They say that the belly scales pull the snakes internal skeleture forward. But their interaction with the surface of the ground is just slithering. Science cannot explain how a snake moves and proving that science is wrong is as easy as asking the question: "How does a snake move again?".

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A Model For Trusting People as Sources of Information


In order to evaluate a personal source of information with full rationality we must always begin with the consideration of:
Did this person give us a reason to think they are lying?

If you have no reason to believe they are lying, you can continue listening without having a reason to think that the person you are listening to is lying.
Some people may be fools by believing people based on if they like their looks. But my first question when I encounter a new person is "Who are you?"

When you meet a new person
First question for consideration that should arise is "Who are you?"
What we should always know is
"Now that you know more about me, what do you think about me?"
And if I tell you this, then what do you think about me?

Now that I told you enough things that are true, if I tell you this will you believe me?

What do we believe in?
We only believe in things that can be understood with common sense as according to what can possibly exist or be done in the physical realm using our body and resources or what we observe with our own eyesight.

You can always listen with open ears if you can entertain a thought without accepting it at first. You can always listen.

To evaluate the truth we just have to ask questions. If you practice this teaching by Socrates, you can extract the truth.

To practice this, we can always ask "What is this?" "And what is that?"
When we hear people say things we can ask "What do they mean by that?" to extract the meaning, with knowledge of metaphors and the ability to say things for the effect that will have on the other person.

We must always ask the question "Why?" about everything. For example:
*This person did that*
But why? Always ask why about everything to understand our reality.
We need to figure out why by looking into the mind of others, by stepping in their shoes. We can do so by considering their lives, as in where they're coming from, combined with knowledge that people can have different ideas about the same things, different interpretations, and can also say things and have a different meaning.

We must always listen to the emotional sound of the voice in order to extract the feeling of the meaning they convey by saying it.

We could be sarcastic by saying "I love you" and convey the opposite meaning, for example.

 If we put all of the above into practice, we can gain a better understanding of the world based on all the information we have been exposed to from news sources combined with information received from other people as our sources.


Medical Doctors Fail To Detect The Devouring Mother Archetype

Doctors don't take any measures to detect the devouring mother archetype of mothers who abuse their children by taking them to the doctor and asking for medications and surgeries that their children don't need in order to enjoy controlling and torturing their child from birth into adulthood and until death using the medical establishment of psychiatry to deny their children their adult independence after childhood. The Devouring Mother Archetype is described as such:

“The Devouring Mother “consumes” her children psychologically and emotionally and often instills in them feelings of guilt at leaving her or becoming independent.”

Due to the lack of attention paid to this issue, doctors fail to detect the devouring mother archetype and allow mothers and parents of children to abuse their children into adulthood, from birth until death. These victims never get to leave their parents after 18 years old and never get to see a day of adult independence from their parents. The Devouring Mother Archetype is also known as the mother in Munchausen by proxy.

What is Munchausen by proxy?

According to the current practice of psychiatry, Munchausen by proxy is defined as follows

"Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) is a mental health problem in which a caregiver makes up or causes an illness or injury in a person under his or her care, such as a child, an elderly adult, or a person who has a disability. Because vulnerable people are the victims, MSBP is a form of child abuse or elder abuse."

Regulations that are specified in the first textbook on psychiatry from 1812 are not being met today.

In this excerpt from the first textbook on psychiatry "Observations and Inquiries into the Diseases of the Mind" by Benjamin Rush, it is recorded that "Madness can be induced by the cruel and unjust conduct of others such as school masters and guardians to the persons who are the subject of their power" and he then asserts the declaration that these occurrences are to be met with in the records of medicine. These occurrences are currently not being met with in the records of modern medicine and we can see that with the lack of training and attention paid to knowledge of Munchausen by proxy, the fabrication of symptoms used in cases of child abuse, and the devouring mother. Education on this subject is being limited as well as suppressed in mainstream education and higher educational institutes. This is most likely because current doctors want to protect their licenses and would rather not think about all the parents that abuse their children by fabricating symptoms and taking them to the doctor, thereby torturing their children to death and getting away with it, undetected.
The current failure of medical doctors to detect the devouring mother archetype results in the following news headlines:
Doctors need to start taking measures to detect the devouring mother archetype and follow regulations set forth by the first textbook of psychiatry in order to save countless lives.

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The Lobotomy Procedure Trampled on Patient's Rights

The procedure of the lobotomy, which is a surgical procedure in which the nerve pathways in a lobe or lobes of the brain are severed, took lives and trampled on patient's rights. This procedure was performed in the medical practice for decades during the 1940's and 1950's.

"A lobotomy, or leucotomy, is a form of psychosurgery, a neurosurgical treatment of a mental disorder that involves severing connections in the brain's prefrontal cortex. Most of the connections to and from the prefrontal cortex, the anterior part of the frontal lobes of the brain, are severed. It was used for treating mental disorders and occasionally other conditions as a mainstream procedure in some Western countries for more than two decades, despite general recognition of frequent and serious side effects. Some patients improved in some ways after the operation, but complications and impairments – sometimes severe – were frequent. The procedure was controversial from its initial use, in part due to the balance between benefits and risks. Today, the lobotomy has become a disparaged procedure, a byword for medical barbarism and an exemplary instance of the medical trampling of patients' rights." -Wikipedia

It is recorded that many patients died as a result of the lobotomy operation and many later died by suicide.

What does this teach us about the mental health practice?

The lobotomy procedure shows us that doctors who are being considered to be professionals really don't know what they are doing when it comes to mental health treatment and that they trample on patient's rights with procedures and treatments that may be inhumane.

Other Examples of Medical Unprofessionalism

The medications that are being prescribed in the current psychiatric practice are claimed to have proven a statistical percentage of effectiveness in the treatment of mental illnesses using experiments whose results cannot be replicated as scientists are currently finding out in The Replication Crisis of psychology and psychiatric medicine.

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Current practitioners of psychology and psychiatry also ignore The Devouring Mother Archetype of mothers who "consume" their children emotionally and psychologically, never allowing them to become independent. The Devouring Mother Archetype was first documented by Carl Jung, the man behind the idea for the current model for all psychiatric diagnoses. Doctors ignore and fail to inspect for these mothers that abuse their children from birth until death by taking them to the doctor and asking for medications and surgeries that their children don't need, which is also known as Munchausen by proxy.

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DNA Mutations in Microbes Are Not Evidence of Evolution


Scientists believe that the ability of a microbe to acquire DNA mutations that are useful for surviving it's external environment is an example of natural selection. Scientists consider this to be the best example of evolution and "evolution that we can see in the lab."

The DNA mutations that allow microbes to adapt to their environment within their own separate entity of species is not evidence of evolution from one species of microbes to another.

The useful traits acquired through DNA mutations, such as the trait of antibiotic resistance, can also be lost and forgotten over time.

Can bacteria lose their antibiotic resistance?
"Yes, antibiotic resistance traits can be lost, but this reverse process occurs more slowly. If the selective pressure that is applied by the presence of an antibiotic is removed, the bacterial population can potentially revert to a population of bacteria that responds to antibiotics."

If what is being considered as evidence of natural selection and evolution does not show a change from one species of microbes to another, and it's acquired trait through what we consider to be natural selection can be lost and forgotten over time, then DNA mutations in microbes are not evidence of evolution.

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How Did Scientists Map Out The Functions of the Anatomy of the Brain?

Nobody ever questions how doctors obtained the knowledge of the functional mapping of the human brain. It was during the 1960's when doctors practiced psychosurgery and removed parts of the brain from living patients to see what they can still do to map out the functions of the different areas of the human brain.

So many people died for doctors to obtain this knowledge.

Where is the part of the brain that has to do with sex? Looks like doctors didn't make the test subjects have sex after they removed parts of their brain.

MRI brain scan imaging wasn't introduced until the mid 1970's, and even MRI brain scans can't be used as a tool to detect the existence of an entity of a mental disorder that we believe to exist in the brain's physiology all by itself.

What can MRI brain scans detect?

"MRI can detect a variety of conditions of the brain such as cysts, tumors, bleeding, swelling, developmental and structural abnormalities, infections, inflammatory conditions, or problems with the blood vessels." 

An academic source for a research article on MRI brain scans used for the "discovery science of human brain functions" shows the following results:

MRI brain scans do not detect the functions of the different areas of the anatomy of the human brain and they measure brain activity by detecting changes associated with blood flow.

How did doctors get the knowledge of how long humans can survive for without food and water?

Where is their experiment for evolution? 

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A Model for the Acceptance of Knowledge in Politics


In today's world, most voters get their information from media sources without giving the information they are receiving serious consideration before they accept it as knowledge. I therefore developed this model for the educated mind to apply in the acceptance of knowledge in politics. 

In order to form more educated political opinions, we must seek a perspective that encompasses all the viewpoints. Consider the following teaching from Nir Hazon's Scroll of Wisdom:

8. "Bias is ignorance in the lightest sense. We can alleviate our ignorance by considering a viewpoint that encompasses all possibilities."
The lightest sense of bias is ignorance. If we have a predetermined rejection of an opposing viewpoint, it will only serve to hinder a greater understanding and prevent us from seeing the larger picture. If we want to form more educated opinions, we should approach a topic with objectivity. The more knowledge that we attain, the greater the number of new ideas that we can form. Sometimes, we will be able to find new solutions to a problem if we consider different sides of an argument. Our view of the larger picture should encompass all the possibilities.

After we realize the benefits of leaving our biases behind, we must also remember to never already have our minds made up and refuse to listen to any additional information that might change our minds as all of the information deserves serious consideration. If our goal is to form more educated opinions, we must always consider all of the options.

I would also highly recommend memorizing the following teaching from Nir Hazon's Scroll of Wisdom:

18. "The moment we believe that we are smart, we are giving away our power to continuously analyze with scrutiny."
The moment we believe that we are smart and know something with absolute certainty, we invite possible foolishness. While there are some things that we can know with absolute certainty, many things that are not facts are foolishly believed due to overlooking. We must always invite other perspectives to our consideration, search for questions that could be asked, and continuously analyze knowledge with scrutiny; otherwise, we might become just as dumb as our predecessors.

I must reiterate again that we should never already have our minds made up or think that we know something with absolute certainty and the previous quote explains the reason very clearly. In order to form more educated opinions, we must leave open the ability to listen to new information and to continuously analyze knowledge in politics with great detail.

Accepting Knowledge From Media Sources

When it comes to accepting knowledge in politics, many people just think "What source?" and soak in the information. In order to form more educated political opinions, we must think about the information that is being presented to us:

  1. We must consider the intentions of the news sources.
  2. We must separate the events that took place from what the news sources want us to think about the events that took place.
  3. We must make an effort to seek the truth by reading multiple sources including the sources of the opposing arguments. We must then compare and contrast the information in an evaluation of the truth.
  4. We must become aware of the ability of the media to use manipulation techniques in the spread of information, and we can try to recognize manipulation when we can.
  5. We must never blindly accept knowledge from our authority, friends, or family members. We must reach our own conclusions based on the evidence presented and we must form our own educated opinions.
I highly encourage Americans to turn off the televisions and start reading the news.
We have politicians running based on gender and race, with no written arguments, and with no biography on themselves. We don't even know who these people are that we vote for.

For a complete theory on what knowledge we can easily accept and what knowledge is questionable and therefore up for consideration, check out the following theory:

"If we measure truth by it's existence, then we will know the truth."
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