The knowledge that they hide from the public eye.

A Model For Trusting People as Sources of Information


In order to evaluate a personal source of information with full rationality we must always begin with the consideration of:
Did this person give us a reason to think they are lying?

If you have no reason to believe they are lying, you can continue listening without having a reason to think that the person you are listening to is lying.
Some people may be fools by believing people based on if they like their looks. But my first question when I encounter a new person is "Who are you?"

When you meet a new person
First question for consideration that should arise is "Who are you?"
What we should always know is
"Now that you know more about me, what do you think about me?"
And if I tell you this, then what do you think about me?

Now that I told you enough things that are true, if I tell you this will you believe me?

What do we believe in?
We only believe in things that can be understood with common sense as according to what can possibly exist or be done in the physical realm using our body and resources or what we observe with our own eyesight.

You can always listen with open ears if you can entertain a thought without accepting it at first. You can always listen.

To evaluate the truth we just have to ask questions. If you practice this teaching by Socrates, you can extract the truth.

To practice this, we can always ask "What is this?" "And what is that?"
When we hear people say things we can ask "What do they mean by that?" to extract the meaning, with knowledge of metaphors and the ability to say things for the effect that will have on the other person.

We must always ask the question "Why?" about everything. For example:
*This person did that*
But why? Always ask why about everything to understand our reality.
We need to figure out why by looking into the mind of others, by stepping in their shoes. We can do so by considering their lives, as in where they're coming from, combined with knowledge that people can have different ideas about the same things, different interpretations, and can also say things and have a different meaning.

We must always listen to the emotional sound of the voice in order to extract the feeling of the meaning they convey by saying it.

We could be sarcastic by saying "I love you" and convey the opposite meaning, for example.

 If we put all of the above into practice, we can gain a better understanding of the world based on all the information we have been exposed to from news sources combined with information received from other people as our sources.


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