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To This Day Nobody Knows How The Egyptian Pyramids Were Built

We have all learned about the world wonder of the pyramids in Egypt, but what was never emphasized to us in class is that to this day nobody has any idea how the pyramids of Egypt were built. It is a widely known fact and all sources online, including, note that “The way that the ancient Egyptians cut and moved stone is still very mysterious.” 

If the stones couldn't have been cut with such precision or moved by slave labor because they didn't have the engineering technology, then is there a scientifically logical explanation to the constructions of the pyramids in Egypt? The only other explanation is that they had the technology back then.

The only logical explanations to the construction of the pyramids is that there was involvement with something beyond us, be it the supernatural or other intelligent life, or the ancient Egyptians somehow secretly possessed 20th century engineering technology.

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