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The First Observations of the Planets Were Made Using the Naked Eye

Even according to NASA, our first observations of Mars and other planets like Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Mercury including their mathematical patterns of movement were made with plain eyesight and were recorded on this Babylonian tablet right here.

Now google image NASA Mars photos from the Hubble Telescope.

This is the planet Mars. Do you believe in the planet Mars? All the photos are fully illuminated with the lighting. The photos appear from one angle. They look like sci fi projections made with digital art tools..... The color of the planet changes from picture to picture. The highest resolution image of Mars is low and we have high definition so-called photographs of far away galaxies. 
NASA Hubble Telescope so-called photograph of the Andromeda Galaxy.
Now look at this new portrait of Mars from the NASA Hubble Space Telescope.
The clouds that appear on the planet in this photograph are present on one side of the captured image on the left and the clouds are the most dense in the very center on the right side of the planet, but the majority of the planet in the captured image does not have clouds. Again, we are presented with another fully illuminated image of Mars. The lighting on these photos are a sketch. Again, the color of the planet is different than other NASA photos of Mars.
Check out this google image search of:
"clouds on Mars"
Again, the color of the planet changes from image to image.
You won't believe it!
NASA has been discredited.
"What?! How?!"
With basic chemistry.
NASA says the clouds on Mars are made of ice.
Hey you idiots.
Water becomes clouds in the gas state of matter!
Has anybody ever seen a liquid or a solid float in the air?
This is basic chemistry.

Clouds are a gas. Ice is a solid. NASA confirmed water flows on Mars in the year 2015. 

Google search has a bunch of sources including NASA and even all confirming that the clouds on Mars are made of ice 🧊 

Clouds. Made of ice. Made of ice crystals. Floating in the air. In the tightly packed arrangement of solid particles.

Who remembers when we couldn’t find water on any other planet other than Earth? In the year 2015, NASA confirmed that liquid water flows intermittently on present-day Mars. In the same article, NASA states that "Some of these planets that are the size of earth and in their habitable zone and could host life are a mere 12 light years away and can be seen with the naked eye in the night's sky." That's a quote from NASA.

Take another look at NASA images of the planet Saturn.
Does Saturn look like a real planet to you?
The Milky Way Galaxy
They go like "This is the Milky Way Galaxy"
I'm sure they sent a satellite all the way outside of our galaxy to capture this image.....  The images of all entities in outer space are all artistic depictions. Even Mars. Even the image that we have of the Andromeda Galaxy. All the planets in our solar system look like 100% graphic digital art. We are so stupid. The color of the planets in our solar system change from image to image. Google search any planet in our solar system and all the images are fully illuminated with the lighting and the color of the planets change.
Astronomy is Fake.

It is a recorded historical fact that the Babylonians from 2000BC also spotted Mars and were able to mathematically record its movement patterns. How did they see it and how did they know it was a planet and not another star in the sky? 
I couldn’t find anything about their advanced telescopes. Also google image NASA’s photographs of the planets in our solar system. They all look fake.
Why are all the planets in our solar system named after Greek Gods?

The scary part is Astronomy is something that we all believe in as a society due to blindly following our authority on knowledge when we should seek to see with our own eyes. Astronomy is an established practice and course of education. It goes to show that the establishment of a subject alone is enough for other people to believe in it’s validity.

NASA is fake.
Sorry to break your hearts, ruin your lives, or whatever...
© 2021 Hazon, Nir


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