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The First Dinosaur Fossils Were Found in the 1800's

The discovery of dinosaur fossils tells a ridiculous story.
They were found in 1822. On a walk! By a town in England.... and she was married to a geologist.
It just doesn't make sense how it took them until the 1800's to start discovering dinosaur fossils. The college textbooks on evolutionary biology don't mention when the dinosaur fossils were found and they don't make a big deal out of their discovery.
Scientists also claim to have found a giant underwater shark fossil 13 years after they started finding dinosaur fossils first.

Even the first Neanderthal fossils of the extinct closest human relative were discovered in the 1800's, in 1829 in Engis, Belgium.

The discovery of all the fossils started in the 1800's according to the Timeline of Paleontology.
Even the extinct relative of the alligator, the Deinosuchus, was discovered in North Carolina in the 1850s.

Would it be fair to question the authenticity of these fossils?
The fossils are then imagined in artistic drawings and graphic digital imaging.
(Early Human Neanderthal Species)


The current popular illustrations of dinosaurs in the mainstream media are inaccurate, as it has recently been discovered that dinosaurs had feathers.
Evolutionary biologists, who rely on the fossil record to be their strongest pile of evidence for the theory of evolution, fail to educate about polystrate fossils in college classrooms as polystrate fossils dispute our understanding of the theory of evolution as well as the validity of geology's method of dating the age of rocks known as the radiometric dating of rocks as the results cannot be scientifically understood in a repeatedly verifiable manner all across the board in nature. I have already shed light on the evidence that contradicts the theory of evolution in my article on the impossible intercontinental migrations of species. It goes to show that the establishment of a subject alone is enough for other people to believe in it’s validity.

Why is the above information about the fossil record being obscured in college education?
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