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The Correct Theory is Intelligent Design

The difference between most people and myself when I ask the questions "How did the Native Hawaiians get there?" or "How did the monkey get to South America?" is that most people will quickly dismiss the idea that the migration of these species from one corner of the world to another is logically impossible if they didn't take enough time to think about it and process it through. The migrations of these species or groups of people cannot be explained by logical means. The explanations for these migrations that are presented to us in the theory of evolution are ridiculous and I cover them in this article. 

Consider the following factual statements:

  • There is a monkey in South America.
  • There is a monkey in Africa and Asia.
  • The common ancestor of the monkey existed 21 million years ago.
  • 21 million years ago, the continents were separated by vast oceans which existed as massive geological barriers for land animals.
  • Migration is only possible by land, sea, or air.
  • The monkey couldn't have migrated to South America from Africa by land, sea, or by air.

If those species couldn't have migrated there, then life was intelligently designed.

Therefore, all beliefs that our existence is due to random chance are false.

Charles Darwin realized the same thing:

 For a complete debunking of the theory of evolution
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 The Theory of Evolution Cannot be True and This is Why

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