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Pangea is a Hypothesis

The supercontinent of Pangea is a mere hypothesis. What caused Pangea to break up 180 million years ago? There is no valid answer available other than the currently observed movement of the tectonic plates was simply back-traced to a starting point.

"Scientists believe that Pangea broke apart for the same reason that the plates are moving today."

And in order for the rocks to make sense, there were other supercontinents before known as Gondwana and Rodinia. So according to this, all the land masses merge together over millions of years until they catch all the other landmasses in this ball of landmass, and then they somehow break up again. There is no answer as to what caused Pangea, Gondwana, or Rodinia to break up other than we know the tectonic plates move.

Also how did the Native Hawaiians get there? How did the monkey get to America? The theory of evolution is logically impossible.

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