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The Replication Crisis in Psychiatry and Western Psychology


In the fields of psychiatric medicine and western psychology, scientists are currently figuring out that the results to many of the experiments performed in these fields cannot be replicated. In order for something to be considered scientific knowledge, you must be able to replicate the experiments in any setting in the world under the same conditions and get the same results. This is not the case for the experiments of western psychology and psychiatry. The most frightening part of this issue is that these experiments are used to prove statistical significance for gaining approval to use a medicinal drug in psychiatry. It has been found that doctors use data manipulation techniques such as stopping the intake of data as soon as a desired percentage has been reached as well as rounding the probability value to 0.5, which is the highest you can round the probability value to in order to prove statistical significance for use of a drug as a psychiatric medication.

They don't teach about the replication crisis in college in these fields and try to keep this information low-key. Many of the psychiatric and western psychological concepts and beliefs are disputable and the placebo effect is evidence of the innate healing abilities of the mind.

Statistical data is not what we consider to be scientific knowledge as according to the scientific method.

They don't even give you the variability factor of the statistical data used to prove a significant enough percentage for use of a drug in psychiatric medication because they don't even try to replicate the experiment.
Statistical data is vulnerable to fraud, miscounts, and data manipulation techniques.
You must give consideration to all the factors that go into how the study is conducted. 

The Replication Crisis affects psychiatric medications.

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