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The Placebo Effect is Evidence of the Innate Healing Abilities of the Mind

The placebo effect is evidence of the innate healing abilities of the mind. In the experiments of medical psychiatry and western psychology, they give a placebo, or a fake drug with no effect, to the participants. In every experiment, a percentage of the participants that take the placebo experience healing of the mental disorder. The placebo effect actually proves that healing can take place if a person just believes that they are taking a substance that will treat their mental disorder. This proves that if a mental disorder is indeed a biological illness, then we have the innate ability to heal our brains biologically. I believe that medical doctors should do more research on the placebo effect and the natural healing powers of the human brain. The business model for medical psychiatry tries to sell medications for profit, which is why I believe there is little to no funding for more research on the placebo effect.

The placebo effect - the same thing that the medicinal drug does can be done by a candy.

The natural ability to heal ourselves

  • Distressful thoughts and feelings can be remedied by shifting our attention towards other things that may bring us joyfulness such as feeling rewarded for achieving a goal, or by the removal of the root causes to our mental suffering.
  • There are other possible methods of achieving mental healing that require more consistent mental efforts and practice such as the practice of making beneficial changes to our personal behavior by first making a conscious decision to start paying attention and begin to observe our own thoughts, intentions, speech, and actions, in that specific order. With the awareness gained through our observations of ourselves, we become more mindful and can consciously adjust our thoughts, intentions, speech, and actions to our liking.

Doctors should do more research on the placebo effect.

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