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Is There Merit to Our Teachings of History in the West?

We have all heard the saying "history is written by the winners" and it is always good to keep that knowledge in our perception of our historical teachings; however, there are times when we are being manipulated into believing an inaccurate historical fact. For example, if we read our public education history textbooks or do a google search on the death of Hitler, we will find that it is documented as suicide. 

Aside from Hitler not seeming like the kind of person that would have committed suicide, there is evidence of his fellow S.S. officers escaping to Argentina where some were captured by Israeli intelligence and taken back to Israel for a trial. Also, in the year 2014, the FBI released on their government website a document from September 21st, 1945, two weeks after the fall of Berlin, saying Hitler was spotted arriving by the Andes Mountains in Argentina by submarine accompanied by 6 top Argentinian officials for his protection. This document has neither generated media coverage or updated our knowledge of history online or in the textbooks. It has also been recently found through DNA testing that Hitler's skull belonged to a woman under the age of 40. All this leads to the question, "how much trust can we put into our public education of history?"

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