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The Importance of Distinguishing What is Considered to be Scientific Knowledge

In order for something to be considered scientific knowledge, you must be able to replicate the experiments and get the same results under the same conditions anywhere in the world. There are many cases when scientists make bold claims like the octopus came to earth from outer space on an asteroid. There are also many cases when people claim science for pseudo-scientific studies such as the four personality types which are based on the five widely-accepted personality traits. This knowledge is based on fiction and the assumption that humans fall into categories of personality types. Be careful when studying science as there are many examples of claims to science that are not considered to be scientific knowledge. As another example, the fields of western psychology and psychiatry are currently experiencing "The Replication Crisis" as of the year 2020. Scientists are currently figuring out that they cannot replicate the results to the experiments used in psychology and psychiatric medicine. 

More examples of currently accepted beliefs in science that are not considered to be scientific knowledge:

    • The Theory of Evolution is a hypothesis.
    • The Big Bang Theory is a hypothesis.
    • The supercontinent of Pangea is a hypothesis.
    • The radiometric dating of rocks is disputed by polystrate fossils.


    When studying science, you must be careful to distinguish what is considered to be scientific knowledge from that which is not.

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