The knowledge that they hide from the public eye.

Viewing Our Education in the Context of Western Knowledge

We can notice flaws within the beliefs of our public education as well as in the very foundations of the knowledge presented to us by viewing our education in the context of western knowledge. As a classic example, neither Christopher Columbus nor Amerigo Vespucci discovered America. The flaw of the belief of western knowledge that they did discover America is that people were already living in America and therefore others had knowledge of the continent prior to these explorers. Many people are also uneducated about the distinction between western psychology and eastern psychology which is otherwise known as Buddhist psychology. In general, the perspectives of the people who lived outside of the western world are often ignored in our education. We can see that this is true for Native Americans, Native Pacific Islanders, and Native Australians for examples.

To improve our understanding of our knowledge, we must view our education in the context of western knowledge.

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Indoctrination - The acceptance of knowledge without giving it serious consideration.

The Key Method for the Acceptance of Knowledge

"If any piece of knowledge is disputable, then it is because it's existence was not observed or it is not the only possibility.
-Nir Hazon the Most Serious Philosopher.

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