The knowledge that they hide from the public eye.

The Power of Inference

Inference is using observation and background to reach a logical conclusion. We can gain additional knowledge without it being given to us using inference. For example, if we see cookie crumbs on someone's shirt, then we can infer that they recently ate cookies. We can also use the power of inference to gain a deeper understanding of other people, events, or beliefs. For example, if someone says something, we can begin to think of why they would say what they said. We can observe the tone of voice, the language, and combine it with our background knowledge of a person to infer the causes to why that person would say what they said. We can also use inference to investigate mysterious scenarios further and try and figure out things like what could have really happened using deduction as a tool to infer conclusions.
Throughout our daily life, we can find inference to be a powerful skill for comprehension of situations and reaching additional conclusions based on the information presented to us.

What can you infer about a person based on what they said?

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Indoctrination - The acceptance of knowledge without giving it serious consideration.

The Key Method for Acceptance of Knowledge

"We must give serious consideration to what we are to accept as knowledge.
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