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NASA Claims that the Clouds on Mars are Made of Ice

In relatively recent studies, NASA claims that the clouds on Mars are made of ice. Ice is known to be in the solid state of matter. Has anybody ever seen a liquid or a solid float in the air?

NASA Hubble Space Telescope image of the ice clouds on Mars

To demonstrate just how outrageous the claim that the clouds on Mars are made of ice really is, I made an attempt to apply basic knowledge of the physical world including it's laws and properties to determine if ice can float in the atmosphere of Mars:

Even snowflakes,

NASA forgot to consider gravity and precipitation.

A snowflake weighs 0.02 grams on earth.
A snowflake would weigh 0.012 grams on mars.

Ice is less dense than water at 0.92g/mL and floats on water which has a 1.0g/mL density but does not float in the air.

The internet says: "The Martian atmosphere is an oxidizing atmosphere. The photochemical reactions in the atmosphere tend to oxidize the organic species and turn them into carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide."

Surface Density of the atmosphere on Mars: ~0.020 kg/m^3
NASA Source:

Atmospheric density decreases as the elevation increases.

I just used an online conversion calculator and it says that the 0.02 kilograms/meters^3 for the surface density of the atmosphere on mars is 0.00002 grams/centimeter^3.

That would be the surface density of the atmosphere on Mars in grams per centimeter cubed.

The density of a snowflake on earth is 0.8 g/cm^3.
How will I get the density of a snowflake on Mars? Let me think here....

I used an online calculator in the image below and it says the density of a snowflake on mars is 0.203 g/cm^3.

If the density of a snowflake on mars is 0.2 g/cm^3 and the surface density of the atmosphere on mars is at 0.00002 g/cm^3, then will a snowflake on Mars float in the atmosphere as clouds instead of falling down to the ground as it normally would? 

Also what about precipitation and the natural water cycle? Does that not apply on mars?

NASA claims that the clouds on mars are made of water ice and use the words "ice crystals" and not snowflakes.... ice crystals are still noted as objects that fall to the ground due to the gravitational pull towards the planet's surface.

Assuming ice is a solid and in the solid state of matter and almost all of the ice that we see is specifically classified as a crystalline solid which has a very high order of periodic arrangement of it's atomic particles (tightly-packed) and snow is known as crystalline ice:

There is also the consideration of: if the snowflakes are indeed what makes up the ice that exists as the clouds on Mars as NASA claims, and if they float in the atmosphere if that possibility is true, then wouldn't they accumulate thickness in the air over time at that freezing temperature in the martian atmosphere that is creating all the ice?

Which brings us back to the sheer weight of ice.

The clouds on Mars could also not be made of snowflakes because the shape of the snowflake forms as it falls down. 

Do you believe that NASA's claim that the clouds on Mars are made of ice is logical and should be taken seriously?

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