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The Bad English Translation of the Bible in Numbers 12:1

There is a bad translation from Hebrew to English in the Bible in the Book of Numbers on verse 12:1. In Hebrew, it is written that "Moses married a Kushite woman." In English, it says "Moses married an Ethiopian woman."

If you can read Hebrew, you can see this in the image below.
Many people don't know about this bad translation because in order to realize it you have to both read the bible in Hebrew and know about the Kingdom of Kush. The term "Kushite" means "Negro" in the Hebrew to English dictionary. This is most likely because the people who came up with the modern Hebrew language forgot about the ancient Kingdom of Kush, which was located south of Egypt and West of Ethiopia.


This translation of the bible from the original Hebrew to English is geographically inaccurate. Moses married a woman from the Kingdom of Kush. The term "Kushite" applies to people from the Kingdom of Kush that existed in ancient times.

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